WFHSS 2019 The Hague – vote for The Netherlands

WFHSS 2019

Met ondergenoemde brief openen de voorzitters van SVN en VDSMH het bidbook waarmee Nederland zich aanmeldt als kandidaat voor het organiseren van het WFHSS congres 2019. De stemming hierover vindt plaats in september. De bekendmaking wie het congres 2019 mag organiseren wordt bekend gemaakt op de openingsavond van het congres in Bonn. Het bidbook is tot stand gekomen i.s.m. The Hague Convention Bureau en World Forum

The Netherlands is proud to present you the bid to host the WFHSS congress in 2019. The two Dutch associations, SVN (Sterilisation Association Netherlands) and vDSMH (Association of Experts of Sterile Medical Devices) are represented within the WFHSS organization and together we have 850 members. The Netherlands has one of the best healthcare systems in the world. Collecting knowledge for that healthcare system is for both our organizations one of the main rights of existence and we want to share this knowledge with the rest of the world. We also see it as our responsibility to help countries that need knowledge for their local situation. SVN and vDSMH aims to connect people and knowledge and every member of WFHSS and other visitors are welcome to come to The Netherlands. It would be a great honour to host the 20th WFHSS World Sterilisation Congress and let you celebrate the SVN 50th and the vDSMH 20th anniversary with us. We hope for your support to vote for us and look forward to welcoming you in The Netherlands